Sneaker cleaning

The worst thing about sneakers is if they get dirty. So to prevent that, you can get a sneaker spray and a sneaker cleaning kit. To clean your sneakers, you need to handle with the right care because you don’t want to ruin your sneakers even more. We have the best solution  for your problem with our cleaning kits.

With these kits you can clean your sneakers in no-time, so you will be back with your clean, like-new sneakers. 

Also, not to forget, With buying used sneakers because they are most of the time much cheaper than a deadstock pair you want to clean them for sure, so they will look like a deadstock pair again, and you can save a lot of money that way.


Which one is the best

Well, they are mostly all the same, so it is more of a personal preference of which one to take because one has some more attributes than the other. All cleaning kits come with a brush and some special soap that is not harmful for all your sneaker materials. That way, you can clean your sneakers without any worry of damaging the sneaker itself.

We also have some wipes, so you can clean your sneakers while you are out. With these wipes, you get the same formula of what the soap is made of, so also you don’t need to worry about ruining your sneakers. With these wipes, you can easily clean some dirt off your sneaker when you are not at home. It is like a cleaner for on the go.


Where to buy the cleaning kit

Well, we have listed the best ones on the site, so you can easily check out which one you prefer via the sneaker essentials. On there you can also find sneaker boxes, guards and sprays to extra protect your sneakers from everything, so your sneakers stay fresh.


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Our Crep Protect box pack contains our fundamental cleaning products, including a cure cleaning solution, premium sneaker brush, eraser and six dual-sided wipes. Every essential Crep Protect product you need to look after your footwear.



The CURE to clean sneakers! Introducing the Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit--everything you need to bring your tired kicks back to life. The 98% natural solution is gentle yet effective at lifting dirt, marks and grime, and with the help of this premium cleaning brush and microfibre cloth, reveal box-fresh kicks.



Keep your sneakers fresh inside and out with the ultimate sneaker Pills! Twist the Pill's top to choose your preferred level of freshness (low, medium, high) and simply insert into your sneakers once you have removed them. Exclusive Zeolite technology doesn't just mask the smell of all day wear; but absorbs and locks in moisture to keep your sneakers fresh!



Our Starter Pack is designed for travel. It contains travel-sized versions of our fundamental cleaning products packaged in a durable pouch to use while on the go. The Starter Pack delivers mighty sneaker cleaning power in new mini sized products including a rain and stain-resistant barrier spray, foam cleaner, and 6 dual-sided wipes. Everything you need to look after your footwear on the move!



Crep Protect Wipes are the ultimate on-the-go sneaker care product. These individually wrapped wipes lock in the exclusive cleaning solution that helps to clean dirt, marks and stains. The dual sided wipe means double the surface area for cleaning; tackle stubborn dirt and marks with the textured side, and wipe away grime and stains with the smooth side. Durable wipe won't fall apart during even the toughest of cleans, and handy sizing means these wipes are perfect for travel bags, gym bags, suitcases and more.