Nike Dunk x Off White

Nike and Off White have done a lot of collabs together on multiple Nike silhouettes such as the Air Jordan 1, Jordan 5 and Blazers. All of these skyrocketed in price since the release because they are very hyped and sought after by sneakerheads. These pairs were very limited, so if you got them for retail you need to feel blessed because not many people have the chance of copping them for retail.

First Nike x Off White collab

The first ever collab Nike did with Off White was with ‘The Ten’ collection. This collection included all kinds of silhouettes from Nike. Virgil Abloh took the best silhouettes from Nike and cut them up to make this beauty of a collab possible. From Jordan’s to Blazers and even Prestos. All these sneakers were cut up to give them a more industrial look. With added text on the inside of the sneaker and a zip tie that at first looks a little stupid, but it has formed the collab as what is today and easily recognizable from far away.

Nike x Off White Dunk collab

After the ‘The Ten’ collab, Nike and Virgil Abloh didn’t stop there. They released lots and lots of other models after that. With one of the later collabs, they did it on the Nike Dunk Low. These Dunk Lows came in 3 colorways, these being the ‘University Red’, ‘university Gold Midnight’ and the ‘Pine Green’ colorways. These were very hard to get a hand on because of the success of ‘The Ten’ collab. Because after that collab everyone went crazy over the collab between Nike and Off White and everyone wanted one. After the Dunks were released, the hype went even bigger. Dunks were very popular at the time, so when we got the collab between Nike and Off White, everyone went crazy and wanted a pair of Off White Dunks.

Rubber Off White Dunks

Virgil Abloh worked on a new Dunk x Off White, this time they made something different, and they called it the Rubber Dunk. We never ever saw this model before, but it also didn’t disappoint when we saw them in hand. These Off White Dunks came in 3 different colorways. These 3 colorways were also region exclusives, meaning the ‘University Gold’ colorway only released in China and the Asia-Pacific region. The ‘Green Strike’ colorway on the other hand released only in North and South America. While the last colorway, it being the ‘UNC’ colorway, only released in Europe.

50 Lots of Off White Dunks

After the release of the Off White Rubber Dunks and the first 3 Nike Dunk low Off Whites, we saw another set of 50 different Off White Dunks. All of these Dunks had the same color uppers, the only difference between these were the second pair of laces on top of the normal laces, the zip-tie and the plaque on the heel. The numbers 1-10, 21-30, 41-50 came in leather and canvas while the numbers 11-20, 31-40 came in hairy suede and leather mix. Also, the numbers 1 and 50 were different to the rest. Number 1 was fully white and looking like the Off White x Nike Air Force ‘AF100’ from 2017, while number 50 is fully black and looks like the Off White x Nike Air Force 1 ‘MoMa’ from 2018. All these released through invitations starting on the 9th of August 2021 and went on for a couple of days. You had no chance of choosing which lot number you would like, you just got sent a pair randomly.


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Off-White x Air Rubber Dunk ‘Green Strike’

The Off-White x Air Jordan 1 'Green Strike' was released as part of a collaboration between Virgil Abloh's luxury streetwear brand and Nike. The shoe updates the classic silhouette, with its layered design inspired by the P-6000 Jordans. It features orange on the hang tag and 'Nike Off' on the tongue tag; 'Shoelaces' is printed on the shoelaces. Underfoot, visible Air cushioning can be found in the heel. SKU -


Off-White x Air Rubber Dunk ‘University Blue’

The Nike Air Rubber Dunk Off-White™️ University Blue is a collaboration between Off-White and Nike. This sneaker launched in early 2020, and it has been an instant hit ever since. The design of the Nike Air Rubber Dunk Off White University Blue contrasts what Abloh usually does--instead of deconstructing a classic silhouette, he takes a more maximalist approach to this shoe. It draws inspiration from the classic Nike Dunk and Nike Pegasus silhouettes of the '90s and gives them a modern futuristic twist. The gum rubber sole ensures comfort with every wear, while the metallic silver uppers are offset by bright orange accents on the tabs and signature zip tie from Off-White x Nike collaborations. Abloh's Helvetica branding is synonymous with his work for Off-White x Nike collections, resulting in an overall nostalgic yet contemporary sneaker that everyone loves. SKU - CU6015-100


Off-White x Air Rubber Dunk ‘University Gold’

Nike and Virgil Abloh have collaborated on a new iteration of the Air Rubber Dunk. The Off-White x Air Rubber Dunk 'University Gold' draws inspiration from the P-6000 and features University Gold uppers, with leather overlays supporting the fit. Black branding contrasts the look and includes 'Nike Off' on the tongue tag and Virgil Abloh's signature text marking the medial side. Underfoot, visible Air provides cushioning within a black midsole. SKU - CU6015-700


Off-White x Dunk Low ‘Lot 01 of 50’

The Off-White x Nike Dunk Low - 01 of 50. The shoe is built with a mix of canvas and leather, with silver Swoosh branding on the side wall and rope laces that secure the fit alongside traditional laces. An exposed-foam tongue and pre-yellowed midsole come together to add to the aesthetic. A white plastic zip tie, off-center tongue tag and Helvetica text on the medial side add signature Virgil Abloh hits. SKU - DM1602-127


Off-White x Dunk Low ‘Lot 05 of 50’

The Off-White Nike Dunk Low is a sequel to Virgil Abloh's initial collaboration with Nike in 2019. It features a white leather upper accented by overlays in light grey canvas and a plastic zip tie. The shoe has rectangular tabs attached to the Swoosh and exposed foam tongues, while hits of contrasting color appear with its zip tie, secondary lacing system and rectangular tab attached to the Swoosh. The lateral midsole is adorned with a '5 of 50' badge. SKU - DM1602-113

Off-White x Dunk Low ‘Lot 31 of 50’

The upper of the shoe is made of white leather. The sides are overlaid with light grey suede. It features a plastic zip tie and printed Helvetica text, characteristic design elements of Virgil Abloh. Hits of contrasting color appear with its zip-tie, secondary lacing system, rectangular tab attached to the Swoosh and exposed-foam tongue. The lateral midsole is adorned with a '31 of 50' badge that indicates that only 50 pairs in this colorway were produced. SKU - J0950-116


Off-White x Dunk Low ‘Lot 50 of 50’

The Nike Dunk Low Off-White Lot 50 is a black canvas sneaker with smooth black leather overlays and silver Swooshes. It has black soles with purple "Lot 50 of 50" placquets, black overlays, and purple detailing. SKU - DM1602-001


Off-White x Dunk Low ‘Pine Green’

Virgil Abloh's signature design touch is featured on the OFF-WHITE x Nike Dunk Low 'Pine Green'. The upper appears in Pine Green and white leather with an orange flag label on the lateral side and overbranding on the medial side. A second lacing system overlays the first, while underfoot, a two-tone rubber cupsole provides support. SKU - CT0856-100


Off-White x Dunk Low ‘University Gold’

Nike and Virgil Abloh collaborated on the OFF-WHITE x Dunk Low 'University Gold', a shoe that combines University Gold and Midnight Navy leather with a flag label on the heel. A second lacing system overlays the first, while exposed foam emerges on the tongue. A rubber cupsole supports the shoe. SKU - CT0856-700


Off-White x Dunk Low ‘University Red’

Virgil Abloh and Nike teamed up to release the OFF-WHITE x Dunk Low 'University Red'. The shoe's upper is made of leather in University Red and Wolf Grey, accented by a second lacing overlay over the top of traditional laces. Exposed foam on the tongue and overbranding on the lateral side contribute to the aesthetic, while a two-tone rubber cupsole supports comfort underfoot. SKU - CT0856-600