Sneaker guards

Do you also hate it when your Jordan’s or other Nike’s crease? We got the perfect product for you. With these sneaker guards, you can prevent the creases in your new sneakers, so you don’t have to worry about walking like a duck to not crease them. 

With these guards that you need to put in your shoe under the toebox you can prevent coming creases and make your shoes look way more beautiful than those ugly lines on your toebox. 

You don’t need to worry about it not feeling nice on top of your foot because you almost feel nothing about the guards. These guards have some gel tech interiors, so it is still comfortable wearing them.


How to use the sneaker guards


Before inserting them in your sneaker, you need to check if the open side is on the side of your small toe, otherwise you will put them in the wrong side of the sneakers. After that, you need to insert them in your sneaker and push them all the way to the front of the toebox. 

If it doesn’t feel nice, try removing the insole, so you get a bit more extra space in your sneakers.

If they still don’t feel right, try cutting them into the right size. Most of the time this is because all shoes fit different, just like the Air Jordan 1 or Air Jordan 4

After that, you are ready to step outside without the worrying thought of creasing your sneakers.

Where to buy the sneaker guards

On the site we have lots of sneaker essentials. Just like some sneaker spray and cleaning kits, so they will always stay fresh. Go and check it out for yourself and be sure to pick up some sneaker essentials while ordering some brand-new sneakers for your collection.

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Protect your sneakers from unwanted toe creases and wear with the Ultimate Sneaker Guards. The gel-tech cushioning ensures superior comfort while protecting your shoes from damage. Re-usable, with a fresh tropical scent to keep your sneakers fresh inside.



Our Crep Protect sneaker trees are made from a soft velvet coating on the toe box inserts to avoid interior damage. The tree holds the original shape of your sneakers, reducing creasing and preserving their integrity. We recommend using our sneaker trees when cleaning.