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Air Jordan 1 ‘Royal Reimagined’ Release Date

Air Jordan 1 “Royal Reimagined”

Air Jordan 1 ‘Royal Reimagined’

This year, we will see another sneaker being ‘Reimagined’. This time around, it will be the Air Jordan 1 ‘Royal’. With the success of the reimagined line of Jordan brand, they will keep pushing out fan favorite colorways and make them look vintage, just like they came out of the box many years later.

What makes the Air Jordan 1 ‘Royal Reimagined’ so special?

What makes the so special you may ask, well the Air Jordan 1 ‘Royal’ is a much beloved sneaker in the sneaker community, so fans are very hyped about this sneaker getting a new version of it. The “Royal Reimagined” is expected to remain true to its original construction, but the company is planning to replace leather with suede. Color blocking will also be maintained in the updated version.

Official images of the Air Jordan 1 ‘Royal Reimagined’

Unfortunately because the release is far away there are not that many images of this sneaker. But luckily we got an image for you to take a closer look at this magnificent sneaker. So go ahead and check it out for yourself. When we get more images of this sneaker, we will update the article and put them down below.

Where to cop the Air Jordan 1 ‘Royal Reimagined’

You may ask where you can cop this beauty of a Jordan. Well, you need to wait a little longer because they will release in the holiday season of 2023. More specifically, they will release on the 4th of November in full family sizing at Nike and select Jordan brand retailers. The retail price of the sneaker will be $180 USD.

Can’t wait for the drop?

Can’t you wait for the drop? So de we. So if you want to buy another Jordan before these are releasing, be sure to check out the shop and compare the best marketplaces to buy them for the lowest price possible. That way, you don’t ever pay too much for a sneaker ever again.

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