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Nike Dunk ‘Panda’ Restock

Nike Dunk Low panda

Nike Dunk ‘Panda’ Restock

Once again, the Panda dunks are restocking. With the popularity of this Nike Dunk, Nike is not stopping the restocks. Everyone wants one, and Nike knows that, so they bring them out once again. If you want to be able to cop one this time, read further because we got all the info you need for copping this pair.

What makes the Nike Dunk ‘Panda’ so special?

What makes this pair special you may ask because of the simple black and white color scheme. Well because of the simple colors it is very easy to wear, so you don’t need to worry about matching it with your outfit. Also, prices are not high for a retail pair, but more about that a little bit further down below.

Where to cop the Nike Dunk ‘Panda’ Restock?

Unfortunately for the EU we will not be seeing it this time around but for the US, we got you! The restock will be on the 28th of March on Nike US. There will be different kinds of ‘Panda’ Dunks. We will be seeing the High in WMNS and Mens sizing as well as the Lows in WMNS, Mens, GS, PS, and TD sizing. The prices of the High will be $125 for both and for the Lows $110 USD for WMNS and Mens. The GS will be $90 USD, the PS $70 USD and the TD will be $55 USD.

US Retailers

EU Retailers

Official images of the Nike Dunk ‘Panda’

With these being restocked a lot of times, we have some good pictures of the sneaker, and you will find them down below to get the best look at this pair. Although you will possibly know what they already look like because you see them everywhere.

Missed out on the restock?

Don’t worry if you missed out on the restock because you can buy them on all different kinds of marketplaces. We listed the best ones down below if you want to buy them. So go ahead and check the best marketplaces out for yourself.


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