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Adidas Crazy 1 ‘Lakers Away’ Release Date

Adidas Crazy 1 'Lakers Away'

Adidas Crazy 1 ‘Lakers Away’

Honoring the legacy of the all-time legend Kobe Bryant, Adidas has been re-releasing his short-lived lineage over the past years. Despite some of the original models being released again, Adidas has gone to bring back the fan-favorite Adidas Crazy 1 ‘Lakers Away’ colorway after the recently released ‘Home’ colorway.

What makes the Adidas Crazy 1 ‘Lakers Away’ so special?

The Audi TT inspired Kobe 1 shoes are instantly recognizable as copies of the original design. Every detail of the shoe has been meticulously replicated, from its sturdy build to its indented detailing at the midfoot. The bold black upper is still present, with iconic purple and gold accents surrounding it.

Official images of the Adidas Crazy 1 ‘Lakers Away’

We have got the official images of this special pair that Adidas is releasing while honoring the legend Kobe Bryant. We have put them down below for you to take a closer look at what we are talking about on this specific basketball shoe.

When is the Adidas Crazy 1 ‘Lakers Away’ releasing?

These special pair of basketball shoes is releasing on the 1st of May 2023 at Adidas. The retail price will be a respected $150 USD. So be sure to put it down somewhere and don’t miss this drop. We will update you with all the retailers when we have more information about them. So be sure to follow our Instagram @thesneakercoppers .

Crazy 1

The adidas Crazy 1 is a signature shoe produced by adidas, made in collaboration with Kobe Bryant. The first version was released in 2000, and it was called the adidas THE KOBE. After Kobe left adidas and signed with Nike, the Crazy 1 returned under a different name – the Crazy 1. It returned in 2014 in a variety of colorways, and is planned to return again in 2022 in several original and newer concepts.

Can’t wait for this drop?

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